Efforts of mfc at Quality Assurance

After being frustrated with the food of railway stations in many journeys got experienced with the pantry’s bad food without any content of hygiene, no choice of food items, Mr. Piyush Kasliwal (Founder and Director, mfc), decided and planned to serve the best food service to all the railway passengers as it is the basic need of every human being to consume the quality food and keeping the mission in mind mfc company is initiated. Now, We are serving food for the travellers from last 3 years and got the big crowd of happy and satisfied customers impressed by our quality of food served all over India.

Quality Assurance by mfc is the set of activities performed for ensuring quality by various step by step processes which to get the perfect quality of food to serve the railway food online for various customers is the quality assurance by mfc.

At mfc, we take quality assurance as the very first priority for the selection of source of food means restaurants before the orders to be served offering a variety of food choices in Indian railway. We always wish to cultivate a long-term relationship with you, by being your trusted friend and the best food advisor, guiding you the quality food choices, wherever you are in buses, Railways, Airport Terminal, Tourist places with a few terms and conditions.

We personally visit and select the most popular restaurants which have been serving many taste buds and winning many hearts of the city and work hard to maintain the same authentic taste of food to be served in Indian Railway. The freshness, quality and quantity assurance is our mission.

Food is packed in the best hygienic way with a spoon and a napkin which will keep you clean as well.

We believe that quality is the backbone to trust. Thus, we have formulated a rigorous procedure to enlist our restaurant vendors. Only those restaurants that meet our standards can become MFC outlets.

Some of the criterion used to shortlist restaurants:

  1. The restaurant is serving the most popular local authentic taste.
  2. The restaurant has a valid food license approved by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India).
  3. The restaurant is well equipped to serve the selected food item at any time as and when the need arrives.
  4. Informational data such as reviews and opinions about restaurants are always welcome and favourable.

You are requested for a regular feedbacks in the form of emailers, sms satisfaction codes and surveys. We’ll use that feedback to nip any service or food quality issues in the bud. If any mfc food outlet receives negative feedback then only once chance is provided, if in case the service fails, it will be removed from our systems and in worst cases, black-listed permanently.

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