Pure veg food providers in Indian Train.

A Vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat,poultry and fish. Vegetarians eat mainly fruit,vegetables,legumes,grains,seeds and nuts.

mera food choice: Pure veg food providers in train.

We provide exclusive pure veg food in train. Our service is for pure veg & jain passengers. We delivers delicious breakfast,lunch on train.

A vegetarian is -
Why should we choose to become a Vegetarian?
Because there are lots of benefits to become a Vegetarian for your body.
Vegetarians have lower risk of diabetes.
Vegetarians have lower blood pressure.
Vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels than meat-eaters.
A Vegetarian diet helps prevent cancer.
Vegetarians are less likely to form kidney stones or gallstones.
A Vegetarian diet is often lower in sodium

Our vegetarian food speciality is mainly - Veg Thali, Veg mini thali.

There are many delicious vegetarian cuisines served by mera food choice and they are as broadly categorised follows:
Paneer Veg, Seasonal Veg, Dal fry, Jeera rice, roti, sweet, chana masala, salad,pickle, curd etc.

mera food choice serves you pure veg Food at your desired journey place. So order Vegetarian Food of your choice,we serves you fresh,tasty and hygienic food.

Mera Food Choice
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